About Simon Lee

Welcome to Simon Lee Photography

I’m a UK based documentary photographer specialising in capturing the feeling, beauty and story of your wedding purely through candid, unobtrusive observation. I believe that you should truly share the most incredible day of your lives with the people you love and enjoy the most, and let your photographer work around you and the story that unfolds. Photography is simple for me, it is about feeling far more than just looking, as Don McCullin once said “If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures” and photography is a way of feeling. It shortcuts straight to our subconscious in a way that words can’t and remembers the little things long after you’ve forgotten them. This, for me, is the power of documentary photography. Capturing the emotions and moments that make up such a big day to tell a story that, like all classic stories, you return to again and again.


Simon Lee Photography also provides a source of creative and vibrant imagery for regional and national Press, Public Relations, Corporate clients, as well as local and national Charities. I also work on various photo documentary essays which include; Traveler’s Times, On British Streets, The Suffolk Coast Path and In Town & Gown. As with all aspects of my photography I aim to highlight the positive, and at times amusing, nature of humanity in a clear, sensitive and dynamic manner that delivers both to clients and viewers alike.

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